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The Jones Bugle

john renbourn cerys matthews and wizz at the bbc

March 2015

John and Wizz interview with Cerys Matthews on BBC Radio 6 Music 

Click on pic to listen

"Bruce Springsteen opens Berlin show with an obscure song!"

"Bruce opened the show with a cover of a 1973 song by Wizz Jones called 'When I Leave Berlin' The song is the title track of a 1973 album by Jones, a pioneer British folk musician."

Stan Goldstein - 30th May 2012


17th December 2011
A rather "over the top" review of Wizz's live CD "Huldenberg Blues" featured in fRootMagazine can be found here!

2nd March 2010

At last the Wizz Jones T-shirt is here!

From those crazy people at Idolwear
in Nashville Tennessee..
just in time for the festival season.

Seems like it was rather short-lived. T-shirt no longer available!!

12th January 2005

Keith Richards remembers Wizz!
In the new paperback edition of "According To The Rolling Stones" Keith talks of his days at art school when he and his jolly chums would cut classes to meet up with Wizz Jones to learn some blues picking from him in - wait for it - the toilets! When we questioned Wizz on this subject he said that he had searched high and low but had been unable to find any notes of chords etc on sheets of bronco toilet paper amongst his treasured artifacts and so concluded that, like his famed travels with Rod Stewart, this must be yet another legend that was untrue.

(Could it simply be that the senile Wizz suffers from loss of LONG - term memory! Ed)

Click on pic below to listen to Johnny Depp reading about Wizz from Keith's biog!

Johnny and keith

24 August 2004

Wizz's Royalty windfall....
You just never know when you're going to strike it lucky.
Unfortunately, it turns out Wizz will have to wait a little longer for his ship to come in...
Wizz's royalty statement
We decided to retrieve it from the waste basket and post it up for readers of the Bugle to enjoy.
Read it and weep here >

9th May 2004

Eric Clapton name-checks Wizz again...

It seems that Eric still remembers Wizz from the old days, as he reminisces in May's UNCUT magazine:

"We'd meet in pubs, where I was doing my Big Bill Broonzy songs imitating local folk musicians like Wizz Jones."

"Thanks Eric, I remember being told that some of the Yardbirds came to my Sunday afternoon gigs at The Olive Tree in Croydon in 1964!"

3rd May 2004
Website gets dramatic new makeover

Well, we added some more pics to the Time Tunnel anyway. This one features the young Wizz fronting his band "The Wranglers". Note the little white plastic microphone from his Philips tape recorder ingeniously attached with Meccano strips and spindles to a specially adapted music stand. The mike was plugged into the back of an old radio to which the local "wireless repair man" had added a couple more valves to increase the output.

23rd April 2004

Wizz's 65th birthday bash sells out
A sellout crowd of 200 revellers packed themselves into the Half Moon Putney for a night of music, love and big screen irony. We'll be posting images from our Official Photographer Dave Peabody - and some special 'musical' moments...

try this link for a video clip from the night:

Wizz and Sim onstage at The Half Moon

or this one for a clip of Ralph and Wizz at the Eagle Ale House the day after.

Wizz's birthday gig review....
For those who didn't make it down to the big bash,
check out Colin Harper's rather flattering review.

Thanks again to Dave Peabody for photos









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