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A few recent ( well they were!) live tracks...

Missisippi John/Got The Blues Can't Be Satisfied
Wizz solo
Blues and Trouble
Wizz and Simeon



From 'Young Fashioned Ways'
Recorded in Germany Sept 2003
(Obtainable from Kulturwerkstatt Buer)

A couple of studio tracks...

Burma Star
(Wizz Jones)
Wizz and Simeon
Audio taken from the Sound Techniques DVD
"Wizz Jones - Guitar Maestros Series 1"
(for the background to the story behind
this song use this link)
Lullaby of Battersea
(Wizz Jones)
Wizz and Bernd Rest
From 'Lucky The Man' Scenescof CD 2001
now being re-released in the UK with bonus tracks on Hux Records

And a couple of not so recent Wizz Jones singles....

Easy Rider
Wizz with the
'Fat Harry' band (1969)
An aborted demo for a 1969 single,
eventually released in 1994 on a limited
edition picture disc.
Letter From West Germany
(Wizz Jones)
Wizz & guests(?)
A 70's single, with slide work from
Sam Mitchell

And a real curio from 1963...

Billy Grimes The Rover
Stanley Wiseman and Jones (1963?)

From a sampler LP called "Folk Scene"
Wizz does the vocal (?) and crashes away
on the old La Foley guitar.
For more info on Stanley Wiseman and Jones go to Discography -"Music For Moonshiners"

And furthermore......

Planet Without A Plan
Wizz and Danny (1980)

From the LP "Folk Friends 2" on the German Folk Freak label, Wizz debuts his new protest song together with
Danny Thompson on Double Bass.
Re-released on the Wundertute label in 1990.
The Man With The Banjo
Wizz solo (1976)

Wizz's tribute to the late great Derroll Adams from the CD Village Thing Tapes on
Wundertute Germany.

Corrinna Corrinna
(Trad arr)
From the album that never was! Called
"Jamming With Geoff" - Wizz together with Geoff Bradford, recorded live in 2000 by
Don and Paul Lewis at The Palladium Club
in Bideford, Devon.




As the tent poles clatter in the wind and the morris dancers dance,
Wizz explains how he stumbled upon the tuning and melody for his song
"Night Ferry" at his guitar "workshop"!
(Ely Folk festival July 2010 - courtesy of Mr Bedingfield's channel)



Wizz rips off Davy Graham's "Long A" lick from his version of
"I Cannot Keep from Crying Sometimes" (Blind Willie Johnson)
from Cameracolin's You Tube channel.


Foot-tapping Wizz plays his song "Lucky The Man"
at The Princess Royal in Sheffield - October 2011.
from Pichadium's You Tube channel.

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