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Wizz and Simeon

Wizz often gigs with his son Simeon (sax, flute, harmonica),
who brings a touch of upbeat cynicism to the proceedings...

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Simeon Jones

I was born into the pioneering, earthy world of 1960's Folk and Blues. As the first-born son in the family of folk-blues guitarist Wizz Jones, I spent much of my childhood together with my brothers in the back of a VW van, often parked up at a festival somewhere in Europe. It was inevitable that some of the mud would sticků

Having now gigged solidly for about 20 years, my playing still owes much to my first love - the Chicago Blues of Little Walter Jacobs and Muddy Waters. I've been lucky enough to have my own harp playing included on recordings by Basement Jaxx, Primal Scream, Sam Brown, Tom Jones, Charlie Dore and many more besides.

An early Take That tour...I first became a professional musician in the early 80's, as sax player in the Geno Washington Band. Over the years I've channelled my 'creative efforts' into various original projects and happenings. I currently contribute to 'Akasha' - a 10 piece jazzadelic experience to catch at Glastonbury or Ronnie Scotts this year or on vinyl somewhere near you...

Becoming a family man in the early nineties, I continued sessioning/gigging with a bizarre hotchpotch of musical aggregations, including (believe it or not) Take That, Bad Manners, Guru Josh, Otis Grand, Geno Washington and others.

Photo of The last rehearsalAs the 21st century loomed, I decided to break with family tradition and get a 'real job'. I now work as a producer for BBC Online, enjoying the chance to compose soundtracks for games and animations and occasionally some children's TV. However, I'm still happiest when lost in the inevitable festival tent, with my sax and a box of harps, with the kids asleep in the van outside.

I have been gigging & recording with my dad for more than 30 years now, and it's a privilege that I enjoy more and more. Maybe we should have a rehearsal some day.

P.S. From Wizz: Catch Simeon in one of his other lives with the band Akasha playing at Glastonbury.

P.P.S. See Wizz and Simeon ripping it up at The Green Man Festival late Sunday Night in 2007.

P.P.P.S. After nine years at the BBC, Simeon currently has deserted his desk at The BBC and now is out and about running a Marquee Hire business - have a look at the website - Wizz 2012

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