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Wizz Jones' recordings
for details and background stories to the recordings,
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  1957 78rpm The Wranglers
Radio Luxembourg broadcast
  1962 Tape Music For Moonshiners Unissued LP
(Wiseman, Stanley & Jones)
  1965 single The Ballad Of Hollis Brown/Riff Minor
(Pete Stanley and Wizz Jones)
  1966 LP Sixteen Tons Of Bluegrass
(Pete Stanley and Wizz Jones)
  1966 LP Way Out West Italy
(Pete Stanley and Wizz Jones)
  1969 LP Wizz Jones
First Solo LP on United Artists records
  1970 LP The Legendary Me
First Village Thing LP
  1972 LP Right Now
(with John Renbourn & others guesting)
  1973 LP When I Leave Berlin
(Lazy Farmer & Bert Jansch some cuts)
  1974 LP Winter Song
Autogram records
  1975 LP Lazy Farmer
(released as Lazy Farmer - the band)
  1976 LP Happiness Was Free
Studio LP on German label Intercord
  1977 LP Magical Flight
Studio LP originally on Plant Life label
  197? Single Letter From West Germany/MovingTarget
(w/Sam Mitchell slide, other backing musicians unk.)
  1978 LP Soloflight
(full 12 LP plus Winter Songs 6 cut EP, recorded `70-74 )
  1981 LP Roll On River
(with Werner Lammerhirt)
  1987 LP/TP The Grapes Of Life
Studio album for Run River Records
  1991 CC Live In Dublin
(Cassette only album/recorded`89-90)
  1992 CD The Village Thing Tapes
Compilation CD on German label Wundertute
  1993 CD Late Nights & Long Days
(with Simeon Jones)
  1994 Single Easy Rider
(1 sided 45 recorded 1969 w/Formerly Fat Harry)
  1995 LP/CD Dazzling Stranger
Wizz's first American release on Scenescof
  1998 VHS Masters Of British Guitar
VHS Video - Interviews/15 songs
  2000 CD More Than Sixteen Tons Of Bluegrass And Other Fine Stuff
Re-release on CD
  2001 CDR Through The Fingers
Limited edition CDR
  2001 LP/CD Lucky The Man
with guests John Renbourn, Jacqui McShee, Clive Palmer, Gerry Conway and others
  2004 CD Young Fashioned Ways
Live recording of Wizz and Simeon gig in Germany
Possibly available from
  2006 DVD Wizz Jones - Maestros of the Guitar No.1.
Release date March 31st 2006 from Sound Techniques
  2011 DVD Huldenberg Blues
Wizz live! on Sunbeam Records
  2015 CD A Life On The Road - 1964 - 2014
A 23 track retrospective compilation on Sunbeam Records
  2016 CD Joint Control -John Renbourn and Wizz Jones
  2017 CD

Come What May - Jones Berryman and Jones
Wizz and Simeon plus Pete Berryman


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