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The Legendary Me
Village Thing VTS 4
Wizz's second studio album featurimg a record number of Alan Tunbridge songs and just one of his own  
original sleeve, Legendary Me

Well my UA Album didn't set the world on fire, so I turned to the pioneering independent label Village Thing which was being set up by Gef Lucena of Saydisc recordings and guitarist Ian A Anderson (these days editor of FROOTS magazine).

We recorded it in a church hall on the outskirts of Bristol, using a 2 track Revox tape recorder. Some years later when I took the tapes into a studio to be transcribed for a CD re-issue, the engineer asked me how we had accomplished such an amazing crystal clear recording (perhaps he was winding me up).

One of the album titles suggested was 'The Legendary Me' after the haunting and introspective Alan Tunbridge song. I wasn't sure about this, but producer Ian Anderson was keen so we went with it. The track features some beautiful understated guitar work from Peter Berryman.
Hearing it again now some thirty six years later, I realize that I was still trying to learn how to sing in tune (I can almost do it now).

It was on this album that I persuaded Ralph McTell to guest on the Alan Tunbridge song 'Dazzling Stranger', which we recorded at Ron Geesin's house. I remember Ron excitingly showing me that with the throw of a single switch, six linked revox tape recorders simultaneously sprung in to action recording on 12 tracks! I had expected Ralph to arrive at Ron's house with his trusty Gibson guitar, instead of which he was sporting a recently acquired antique harmonium which imbued the track with a certain ecclesiastical atmosphere.

This album has now been released on CD by Sunbeam Records with three extra tracks recorded live in Germany around the same time

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