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Wizz Jones
United Artists ULP 1029 (SULP 1029)
Wizz's first solo studio album.
sleeve photo of original album 'Wizz Jones'

Around this time I was gigging with banjo player Clive Palmer at places such as Les Cousins in Greek Street, Soho. It was there that I met Roy Harper who had recently recorded his first album "Sophisticated Beggar" for producer Pierre Tubbs. Pierre had told Roy that he was looking for artists with original material to record for Liberty and United Artists records. Roy's retort had been "Pierre why don't you record some ORIGINAL PEOPLE like Wizz Jones and Clive Palmer?"

So that was how I got to make my first solo LP (Pierre went on to record Clive as part of Henry Bartlett's group "The Famous Jug Band").

I even persuaded one of my old busking friends Long John Baldry to write the sleeve notes.

It was also the first time I recorded the fine Alan Tunbridge song "A Common Or Garden Mystery" with Beverley Martyn and it was my plan to make that the title of the album. Alan had painted a beautiful pyschedelic picture of a brightly coloured caterpillar on a green tree leaf for the cover. However I was over-ruled and persuaded to climb on to a diesel engine at Clapham Junction for a photo shoot for the LP sleeve!

November 2008

Listening to it again after 40 years I'm flinching!!
However I do like the youthfull 29 year old Wizz doing "Shuckin Sugar"!

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