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The Wranglers - "Mind Your Own Business" (Hank Williams)
Vinyl 78
Radio Luxembourg broadcast of an early group featuring Wizz...
Four copies only?

My first attempts at playing to an audience was with my Skiffle/Country Band "The Wranglers". We had a weekly gig at The Leslie Arms pub in Addiscombe , Croydon. Along with many other groups we entered a nationwide competition the winners of which would be given a record contract. Three or four bands were featured each week and being brash young teenagers, we were pretty confident of doing well - as we were on to a winner with our electric guitar man (I just strummed what was known in those days as a "ten guinea special").

We got through to the final heats, but we didn't bargain for being broadcast on the same week as a group called "The Spacemen" (we often shared a gig with them at The Brixton Roller Skating Rink) whose star electric guitar man was the young Joe Brown! Each group that entered received a consolation prize of a 78rpm disc of their performance. I doubt if any survive.

Our guitar player Mickey King was poached by another group (could have been Dickie Pride) and later went on to play with Cliff Bennet and the Rebelrousers. I believe he left the group to pursue a respectable day job with Sims Watts Amplification. Needless to say that this was before The Rebelrousers became famous with chart hits!

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